Name Image Role Episodes Notes
Starring Cast
Hayley Atwell
HayleyAtwell AgentCarter
Peggy Carter 18
James D'Arcy
JamesDArcy AgentCarter
Edwin Jarvis 18
Enver Gjokaj
EnverGjokaj AgentCarter
Daniel Sousa 18
Chad Michael Murray
ChadMichaelMurray AgentCarter
Jack Thompson 14
Shea Whigham
SheaWhigham AgentCarter
Roger Dooley 7
Recurring Cast
Wynn Everett
WynnEverett AgentCarter
Whitney Frost 10
Reggie Austin
ReggieAustin AgentCarter
Jason Wilkes 10
Bridget Regan
BridgetRegan AgentCarter
Dottie Underwood 10
Lesley Boone
LesleyBoone AgentCarter
Rose Roberts 7
Lyndsy Fonseca
LyndsyFonseca AgentCarter
Angie Martinelli 7
Currie Graham
CurrieGraham AgentCarter
Calvin Chadwick 7
Lotte Verbeek
LotteVerbeek AgentCarter
Ana Jarvis 7
Kurtwood Smith
KurtwoodSmith AgentCarter
Vernon Masters 7
Dominic Cooper
DominicCooper AgentCarterTVseries
Howard Stark 5
Matt Braunger
MattBraunger AgentCarter
Aloysius Samberly 5
Ken Marino
KenMarino AgentCarter
Joseph Manfredi 5
Ray Valentin
RayValentin AgentCarter
Agent Vega 5
Alexander Carroll
AlexanderCarroll AgentCarter
Agent Yauch 5
Ralph Brown
RalphBrown AgentCarter
Dr. Ivchenko 4
Ray Wise
RayWise AgentCarter
Hugh Jones 4
Meagan Fay
MeaganFay AgentCarter
Miriam Fry 4
Kyle Bornheimer
KyleBornheimer AgentCarter
Ray Krzeminski 3
Chris Browning
ChrisBrowning AgentCarter
Rufus Hunt 3
Sarah Bolger
SarahBolger AgentCarter
Violet 3
Guest Cast

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