Name Image Role Episodes Notes
Starring Cast
David Tennant
DavidTennant DoctorWho
The Tenth Doctor 58
Matt Smith
MattSmith DoctorWho
The Eleventh Doctor 54
Peter Capaldi
PeterCapaldi DoctorWho
The Twelfth Doctor 45
Jenna Coleman
JennaColeman DoctorWho
Clara Oswald 39
Karen Gillan
KarenGillan DoctorWho
Amy Pond 36
Billie Piper
BilliePiper DoctorWho
Rose Tyler 35
Arthur Darvill
ArthurDarvill DoctorWho
Rory Williams 27
Freema Agyeman
FreemaAgyeman DoctorWho
Martha Jones 24
Catherine Tate
CatherineTate DoctorWho
Donna Noble 17
Alex Kingston
AlexKingston DoctorWho
River Song 17
Matt Lucas
MattLucas DoctorWho
Nardole 14
Christopher Eccleston
ChristopherEccleston DoctorWho
The Ninth Doctor 13
Pearl Mackie
PearlMackie DoctorWho
Bill Potts 13
John Barrowman
JohnBarrowman DoctorWho
Captain Jack Harkness 12
John Simm
JohnSimm DoctorWho
The Master 7
Bernard Cribbins
BernardCribbins DoctorWho
Wilfred Mott 5
Elisabeth Sladen
ElisabethSladen DoctorWho
Sarah Jane Smith 4
John Hurt
JohnHurt DoctorWho
The War Doctor 3
Nick Frost
NickFrost DoctorWho
Santa Claus 2
Kylie Minogue
KylieMinogue DoctorWho
Astrid Perth 1
David Morrissey
DavidMorrissey DoctorWho
Jackson Lake 1
Michelle Ryan
MichelleRyan DoctorWho
Christina de Souza 1
Lindsay Duncan
LindsayDuncan DoctorWho
Adelaide Brooke 1
Claire Skinner
ClaireSkinner DoctorWho
Madge Arwell 1
Recurring Cast
Guest Cast

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