Name Image Role Notes
Emilio Estevez
EmilioEstevez TheBreakfastClub
Andrew Clark
Paul Gleason
PaulGleason TheBreakfastClub
Richard Vernon
Anthony Michael Hall
AnthonyMichaelHall TheBreakfastClub
Brian Johnson
John Kapelos
JohnKapelos TheBreakfastClub
Judd Nelson
JuddNelson TheBreakfastClub
John Bender
Molly Ringwald
MollyRingwald TheBreakfastClub
Claire Standish
Ally Sheedy
AllySheedy TheBreakfastClub
Allison Reynolds
Perry Crawford
Allison's Father
Mary Christian
MaryChristian TheBreakfastClub
Brian's Sister
Ron Dean
RonDean TheBreakfastClub
Andy's Father
Tim Gamble
TimGamble TheBreakfastClub
Claire's Father
Fran Gargano
Allison's Mother
Mercedes Hall
MercedesHall TheBreakfastClub
Brian's Mother
John Hughes
JohnHughes TheBreakfastClub
Brian's Father (uncredited)

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