Name Image Role Episodes Notes
Starring Cast
Claire Foy
ClaireFoy TheCrown
Queen Elizabeth II 10


Matt Smith
MattSmith TheCrown
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 10
Vanessa Kirby
VanessaKirby TheCrown
Princess Margaret 10
Jeremy Northam
JeremyNortham TheCrown
Anthony Eden 10
John Lithgow
JohnLithgow TheCrown
Winston Churchill 9


Victoria Hamilton
VictoriaHamilton TheCrown
Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 9
Ben Miles
BenMiles TheCrown
Peter Townsend 8
Alex Jennings
AlexJennings TheCrown
Edward, Duke of Windsor 5
Eileen Atkins
EileenAtkins TheCrown
Queen Mary 5
Jared Harris
JaredHarris TheCrown
King George VI 5
Lia Williams
LiaWilliams TheCrown
Wallis, Duchess of Windsor 4
Greg Wise
GregWise TheCrown
Lord Mountbatten 4
Stephen Dillane
StephenDillane TheCrown
Graham Sutherland 1
Recurring Cast
James Hillier
Patrick 9
Nicholas Rowe
Jock Coville 9
Pip Torrens
Tommy Lascelles 9
Harriet Walter
Clementine Churchill 7
Andy Sanderson
Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester 7
Daniel Betts
Prince Ernst von Hannover 6
Clive Francis
Lord Salisbury 6
Harry Hadden-Paton
Martin Charteris 6
Will Keen
Michael Adeane 6
Lizzy McInnery
Bobo MacDonald 6
Patrick Drury
Lord Chamberlain 5
Nick Owenford
BBC Cameraman 5
Thomas Padden
Buckingham Palace Page 5
Linda Peters
Lady Edwina Mountbatten 5
Martin Bishop
Henry VI's Valet 4
Simon Chandler
Clement Attlee 4
Michael Culkin
Rab Butler 4
Billy Jenkins
Prince Charles 4
Stefan Kopiecki
Reporter 4
Ronald Pickup
Archbishop of Canterbury 4
Verity Russell
Young Princess Elizabeth 4
John Woodvine
Archbishop of York 4
Nigel Cooke
Harry Crookshank 3
Karl Farrer
Commadore 3
Beau Gadsdon
Young Princess Margaret 3
Chris Gordon
Duke of Edinburgh's Valet 3
James Laurenson
Doctor Weir 3
Jorge Leon Martinez
RAF Royal Family 3
Anna Madeley
Clarissa Eden 3
Rita McDonald Damper
Princess Marina of Denmark and Greece 3
Jonathan Newth
Buckingham Palace Page 3
Kate Phillips
Venetia Scott 3
Patrick Ryecart
Duke of Norfolk 3
Paul Sheridan
Eden's Aide 3
David Shields
Colin Tennant 3
Guest Cast

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