Name Image Role Episodes Notes
Starring Cast
Kristen Bell
KristenBell TheGoodPlace
Eleanor Shellstrop 13
William Jackson Harper
WilliamJacksonHarper TheGoodPlace
Chidi Anagonye 13
Jameela Jamil
JameelaJamil TheGoodPlace
Tahani Al-Jamil 13
D'Arcy Carden
DArcyCarden TheGoodPlace
Janet 13
Manny Jacinto
MannyJacinto TheGoodPlace
Jason Mendoza 13
Ted Danson
TedDanson TheGoodPlace
Michael 13
Recurring Cast
Tiya Sircar
TiyaSircar TheGoodPlace
Vicky/Real Eleanor 6
Josh Seigal
Glenn 5
Adam Scott
AdamScott TheGoodPlace
Trevor 3
Steve Berg
Gunnar 3
Bambadjan Bamba
Bambadjan 3
Marc Evan Jackson
Shawn 3
Seth Morris
Wallace 3
Amy Okuda
Jessica 3
Ruman Kazi
Sachveer 3
Guest Cast

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