Name Image Role Episodes Notes
Starring Cast
Will Forte
WillForte TheLastManonEarth
Phil "Tandy" Miller 48



Kristen Schaal
KristenSchaal TheLastManonEarth
Carol Pilbasian Miller 48
January Jones
JanuaryJones TheLastManonEarth
Melissa Chartres 44
Mel Rodriguez
MelRodriguez TheLastManonEarth
Todd Rodriguez 43
Cleopatra Coleman
CleopatraColeman TheLastManonEarth
Erica 39
Mary Steenburgen
MarySteenburgen TheLastManonEarth
Gail Klosterman 38
Recurring Cast
Jason Sudeikis
JasonSudeikis TheLastManonEarth
Mike Miller 12
Boris Kodjoe
BorisKodjoe TheLastManonEarth
Phil Stacy Miller 12
Kenneth Choi
KennethChoi TheLastManonEarth
Lewis Ha 10
Keith L. Williams
KeithLWilliams TheLastManonEarth
Jasper 6
Mark Boone Junior
MarkBooneJunior TheLastManonEarth
Pat Brown 4
Alanna Vicente
Computer Voice 3
Guest Cast
Kristen Wiig
KristenWiig TheLastManonEarth
Pamela Brinton 2
Alexandra Daddario
AlexandraDaddario TheLastManonEarth
Victoria 1
Jacob Tremblay
JacobTremblay TheLastManonEarth
Young Tandy 1
Will Ferrell
WillFerrell TheLastManonEarth
Gordon Vanderkruik 1
Jon Hamm
JonHamm TheLastManonEarth
Darrell 1
Laura Dern
LauraDern TheLastManonEarth
Catherine 1
Timothy V. Murphy
TimothyVMurphy TheLastManonEarth
Benjamin Brinton 1
Patti Forte
PattiForte TheLastManonEarth
Patti Miller 1
Steven Pierce
Sports Anchor #1 1
Kyle Stivers
Sports Anchor #2 1

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