Name Image Role Episodes Notes
Starring Cast
Nicholas D'Agosto
NicholasD'Agosto Trial&Error
Josh Segal 13
Jayma Mays
JaymaMays Trial&Error
Carol Anne Keane 13
Steven Boyer
StevenBoyer Trial&Error
Dwayne Reed 13
Krysta Rodriguez
KrystaRodriguez Trial&Error
Summer Henderson 13
Sherri Shepherd
SherriShepherd Trial&Error
Anne Flatch 13
John Lithgow
JohnLithgow Trial&Error
Larry Henderson 13
Recurring Cast
Angel Parker
Heidi Baker 10
Patricia Belcher
Judge Horsedich 9
Cristine Rose
Josie Davis 8
Bob Gunton
Jeremiah Davis 6
Dave Allen
Dave the Taxidermist 6
Lorna Scott
Suzie 6
Julie Hagerty
Madame Rhonda 5
John Hartman
Mitchell 5
Clint Culp
Bailiff 5
Charles Emmett
Juror #2 5
Loretta Shenosky
Edna the Stenographer 5
Barry Livingston
Juror #1 5
Kevin Durand
Rutger Hiss 4
Kevin Daniels
Alfonso 4
Adam Hagenbuch
Clanton 3
Ervin Ross
Clarence 3
Guest Cast

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